Climatic Test Chambers

2 November 2021

GIPTEST-700 Water Immersion Test Tank

In Complince with IEC/DIN/EN 60529 for IPX7 protection degree Main Features External structure made of stainless steel External dimensions 650x650x2680 mm WxDxH Tank dimensions 600x600x1100 mm […]
2 November 2021

GIPTEST-340 Water Spray Test Chamber

In Compliance with IEC/DIN/EN 60529/60068 2-18 for IPX3-IPX4 protection degrees Main Features External dimensions 1510x1150x2200 mm WxDxH Structure made of stainless steel with water spray protection […]
28 October 2021

GENVIRO-SL Thermal Cryogenic Chamber

GENVIRO-SL Thermal Cryogenic Test Chamber is a F.lli Galli’s original product, ideal for environmental simulation testing it provides the perfect solution to your needs to meet […]
13 September 2021

GENVIRO Large Thermostatic and Climatic Chamber

Thermostatic and Climatic Chambers, Galli’s Original Equipments, for environmental simulation tests. Suitable for automotive, aeronautical, electronic, optical, semiconductor, biological, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Ideal for environmental simulation […]
19 December 2019

Thermal Shock Model ATSS-30

New standards Minimum Footprint > Better Use of Space Multipurpose room > Heating and cooling in both rooms Set-Point margins > pre-cooling and pre-heating High Performance […]
18 December 2019

Ghygrocell Humidity Test Chambers

Corrosion tests by exposure to a saturated humidity environment Standard Features With Constant Temperature and Climate In accordance with the following rules:ASTM D1735, ASTM D2247, BS […]
18 December 2019

GTestDina Materials Testing Chamber

GTestDina Chambers designed to test materials in combination with dynamometers and test benches Ambient Temp. to +300°C-40/-70°C a +180°C 10/96 rh%-160°C a +200°C Brochure
18 December 2019

GIPTEST-560 Dust Penetration Test Chamber

In Compliance with IEC/CEI EN 60529 for IP5X- IP6X protection degrees  Main Features   Internal Chamber Dimensions 1000x1000x1000 mm WxDxH  Door with Gaskets and Inspection Window […]
18 December 2019

GWalkIn Modular Accessible Chambers

• Modular Design • Inox AISI 304 interior • Insulation 120mm • Easily Transportable • Assembled on site • Optimized Air Flow • Ecological frigor group […]