Bagni Termostatici ad Olio

14 September 2020

GAutostill Distiller

GAutostill Construction Features -Construction entirely in satin stainless steel “Scotch Brite” AISI 304 for maximum hygiene of use, corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning;– Easily separable […]
7 July 2020

Distillatore GAutostill

Caratteristiche costruttive GAutostill Costruzione interamente in acciaio inox satinato“Scotch Brite” AISI 304 per la massima igienicitàd’uso, resistenza alla corrosione e facilità di pulizia. Corpo superiore refrigerante […]
13 July 2017

G350 Universal Bath

G350 Universal Baths by Galli for clinic, biological, pharmaceutical industry and research. Suitable for thermostatic water bath and heating applications. PLUS • AG-System SMART:PID Digital Microprocessor• Cylindrical […]
13 July 2017

GBath 1800 Digital Thermostatic Bath

New Line of Thermostatic Digital Baths Model 1800, Original Galli, for clinic, biological, pharmaceutical industry and research. Suitable for thermostatic water bath applications. PLUS • AG-System Control: PID […]
13 July 2017

Gheat Laboratory Immersion Thermostat

Immersion Thermostat Gheat for Laboratory precision applications. New Design, Original Galli. Applicable to on various containers, through the clamp on the back.Easy to use and with functions […]
13 July 2017

GheatBath Heating Circulator with Open Tank

Thermostat GheatBath with Open Tank, suitable for precision thermostatic application in laboratories.All models are made in insulated stainless steel. The Thermostatic Group is installed on a stainless steel […]
12 July 2017

GheatCool Laboratory Refrigerated Circulator

Refrigerated Thermostatic Baths GheatCool, Galli’s Original Equipments, advanced technology, suitable for all applications where it is necessary to work with thermostatic temperature less than ambient.The refrigerated baths […]
12 July 2017

GheatVisco Viscometer Bath

Digital Viscometry Bath GheatVisco for the measurement of viscosity fluid samples through capillary tubes, as: Cannon-Fenske, Ubbelohde, … Available also for chemical analysis, physical tests, crystallography, … […]
3 August 2016

GheatVisco Bagno per Viscosimetria Trasparente

I Bagni per Viscosimetria Trasparenti GheatVisco Originali Galli sono adatti per la misura della viscosità di campioni fluidi mediante tubi capillari Cannon-Fenske, Ubbelohde, … Il bagno per Viscosimetria GheatVisco è inoltre […]