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11 Dicembre 2019
InnoStamp 40
12 Dicembre 2019

InnoStamp 40


Automated MicroContact Printing, Uniform Micro and NanoPatterning


Full automation of nanopatterning processes

Combining microcontact printing flexibility and high-precision automation, the InnoStamp 40 is the perfect tool for nano and micropatterning. A user-friendly system, the InnoStamp 40 allows users to control their processing in order to transfer a wide range of components homogeneously onto defined surfaces.

The InnoStamp 40, based on the InnoStamp technology, allows for full automation of nanopatterning processes.

  • High process reproducibility
  • Nanometric resolution
  • Easy Scaling up and easy valorization of your R&D activity
  • No loss of know-how
  • A fast and reliable support
  • Multiplexing solution
  • User friendly GUI

General Description

As a new fully automated microcontact printing solution, the InnoStamp 40 offers high-precision and uniform contact for sub-micron resolution.

  • High process reproducibility thanks to the force homogeneity.
  • Nanometric resolution: the range of pressure allows printing at the nanoscale.
  • Easy Scaling up and easy valorization of your R&D activity. InnoStamp 40 is a generic system that allows users to manipulate small substrates (1cm²) for R&D purposes as well as large substrates (100cm²) for small to medium industrial series.
  • No loss of know-how. InnoStamp 40 is a non user-dependent system notably preventing the loss of process knowledge acquired over time.
  • A fast and reliable support. The experience of our support team combined to our partnership with academic experts in microcontact printing (Christophe VIEU from LAAS-CNRS, BIOSOFT) allow users to quickly implement their nanopatterning process.


The InnoStamp 40, the next-generation of microcontact printing, is perfect for nano and micropatterning in the following fields:

  • DNA assembly
  • F-Actin directed assembly
  • Biosensor: Streptavidin, anti-dig, collagen, thiols patterning…
  • Microfluidic inking
  • Microstructured cell arrays
  • Optical tags manufacturing


Our technology, InnoStamp, is based on magnetic-field assisted microcontact printing. A magnetic layer of PDMS is added to the standard stamp in order to be sensitive to the magnetic field.

With a set of magnets, it is possible to apply a force onto the stamp in order to:

  • Manipulate it and move it from one step to the other during the microcontact printing process.
  • Monitor the pressure during the printing step.

Technical Specification

Configuration of drawer
A user-selected support configuration:
– Support for 4 microscope slides
– Support for wafer chips with 1 circular stamp ((maximum diameter of 96mm)

From 1×1 cm² to 4 inch wafer

Depends on user-selectd support configuration
Support Compatible with micro plates of 96, 384, and 1536 wells and other
Duration Adjustable from 1 to 3600s ; steps of 1s
Adjustable from 0°C to 51°C with a maximum exterior temperature of 20°C

Precision of temperature sensor: +/-0.1°C ; stability +/-0.5°C for 8h
Option to set temperature to dew point
X-Y axis
(+/-5 µm)
Sources Options : ambient air ; Nitrogen gas ; external
Parameters Format, number of substrates and stamping coordinates defined via user interface
Compatible Inks Nano-objects, chemical substances, biomolecules
(proteins, DNA, and others)
 Glass, platic, silicon wafer, and others

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surface size
4″ x 4″
Amplitude of
contact force
From 0 to 150 kPa depending on the selected magnetic module.

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Precision X: +/- 3µm, Y: +/- 3µm, angular: +/- 0.5°
Homogeneity +/- 20µm
Size of pattern Depends on design of stamps and the nature of the molecules being deposited.

Classic micro-contact printing: from 140nm

Molding: from 230nm

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InnoStamp 40 specifications sheet