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Galli Water Baths

Galli Thermostatic Baths and Cryostats are designed and built to meet the various applications of laboratories and industries.

Thermostatic Baths

Galli offers several types of water baths for laboratory and industrial applications, from immersion thermostat for small volumes to very big baths up to 1000L Bath and beyond. A thermostatic bath must ensure accuracy, consistency, reliability and security inherent features in all Galli models.

Our Baths

Oil baths, Water baths BainMarie, Immersion Thermostat, Viscometry baths, Shaking Dubnoff, Refrigerated baths, Cryostats, Calibration, Baths Thermoelectric, Peltier, Ultrasonic Bath, Fluid Sand baths.


In addition to the serie models, Galli production designs and manufactures Thermostatic Bath according to specific customer requirements, from the smallest dry bath for the research laboratory to the largest bath for industrial applications. We also manufacture automatic calibration systems and automation systems and software.

 Service and Support of a Thermostatic Bath

In addition to assist you during the selection of your new laboratory bath, we offer an installation service, the execution of protocols IQ, OQ, PQ, testing, periodic calibration, and everything necessary to maintain efficient and always “ready to use” your equipment and your instrument.

Repairs and Used

If your water bath, chiller, has a malfunction, we offer a maintenance service, repair and spare parts, both to Galli original products and for those of other domestic and foreign brands. If you look for a used thermostatic bath, we could have the right laboratory equipment tool for you.

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We stay near Milan, in the Fizzonasco area of Pieve Emanuele and we are always available to all our customers throughout Italy and abroad.

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