Model 22 Laboratory Sand Bath

Galli-Bagno a Sabbia-Sand Bath-Modello 22

Sand Baths Mod.22 by Galli, suitable for distribution of the temperature over the complete heating surface. Insulated structure, high thermal insulation. Designed to contain sand, stainless steel shot.


• Steel outer casing stove enameled with epoxy colours
• Tank in stainless steel AISI 304 with handle for extraction
• Heating by armored heaters elements
• Energy regulator Simmerstat type
• Range Temperature: From Ambient Temperature +10°C to +350°C approx.


• Steel outer casing stove enamelled with epoxy colours.
• Efficient thermal insulation, no asbestos used.
• Tank made of SS AISI 304 with handle for extraction.
• Heating provided by armored heaters under the tank.
• Energy regulator SIMMERSTAT type.
• Electrical parts according to current safety standard including: Fuses, warning light, supply cable with Shuko plug, main switch.
• Range Temperature from + 10°C above ambient to about + 350°C.
• Instruction for use and wiring diagram.
• All units are individually checked and tested.
• Electrical supply 230 V 1phase 50 Hz.
• Made in Italy


• Aluminium sand (4 kg.)

Standard Equipments

• N°01 Supply cable
• N°01 Instruction Manual
• N°01 CE Conformity Certificate
• N°01 Warranty Certificate



Model 22 Laboratory Sand Bath

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