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19 December 2019
ghygrocellso2-galli-kesternich-test chamber

GHygrocellSO2 Test Chamber Kesternich SO2

Test chamber kesternich SO2 with alternating cycles Corrosion tests by cyclic exposure to an acidic environment and saturated with moisture Standard Features With Constant and High […]
19 December 2019

Thermal Shock Model ATSS-30

New standards Minimum Footprint > Better Use of Space Multipurpose room > Heating and cooling in both rooms Set-Point margins > pre-cooling and pre-heating High Performance […]
12 July 2017

GShake Reciprocating Shaking Bath – Dubnoff

GShake Reciprocating Shaking Baths – Dubnoff Galli’s Original Equipments Thermostatic Reciprocating Shaking Baths GShake by Galli, ideal for Coagulation, Cytochemistry, Dialysis, Enzyme tests, Genetic, Hormone, Immunological […]