G350 Universal Bath

Galli-Bagno Termostatico-Thermostatic Bath-350

G350 Universal Baths by Galli for clinic, biological, pharmaceutical industry and research. Suitable for thermostatic water bath and heating applications.


• AG-System SMART:PID Digital Microprocessor
• Cylindrical stainless steel tank, easy to clean
• Platinum probe PT100
• Range Temperature: from Amb. Temp. +5,0°C to + 220°C
• Independent over temperature device
• Integrated timer 99:59 min
• 4 sizes: 2.5, 6, 9, 14 Litres
• Made in Italy


• AG-System Control: PID Digital Microprocessor
• Resolution -/+ 0,1°C
• Dual display simultaneously displays the set temperature and the inner
• Solid State Relay “Zero Crossing” low noise
• Autotunig function parameters
• Calibrable function + Offset function

Standard Equipments

• N°01 Supply cable
• N°01 Instruction Manual
• N°01 CE Conformity Certificate
• N°01 Warranty Certificate



G350 Universal Bath

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