GBLOCK Thermostatic Dry Block Heater


The multi-purpose Dry Block Heaters GBLOCK by Galli are suitable for incubation and activation of cultures, enzyme reactions, immunoassays, melting/boiling points, and a wide variety of other laboratory procedures. Sectors are clinical, biological, pharmaceutical, industrial and research.


• New professional Design for laboratory
• AG-System Control SMART: PID Digital Microprocessor, careful and sensitive.
• Range Temperature: from +5,0°C above ambient up to +120,0°C
• Timer 99h 59m integrated
• Safety independent thermostat Device
• External temperature probe Platinum PT100 Class A
• Efficient insulation, energy saving
• High temperature accuracy and uniformity
• 3 Models : 1 Block, 2 Blocks or 3 Blocks
• Made in Italy


• Outer body powder-free solvents painted
• Top made of Stainless Steel easy to clean
• Long-life, low-watt density heating elements
• Efficient insulation


• Microprocessor Control Digital PID
• Resolution – / + 0.1 ° C
• Dual display simultaneously displays the set temperature and the inner
• Platinum probe PT100 Class A
• Static relay “Zero Crossing” Low Noise
• Auto-tuning function of the parameters
• Safety thermostat independent
• User offset calibration function
• Integrated Timer

Standard Equipments

• N°01 Extraction rod
• N°01 Supply Cable
• N°01 Manual
• N°01 Certificate of CE Conformity
• N°01 Certificate of Guarantee
Note: Alluminium blocks not included



GBLOCK Thermostatic Dry Block Heater

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