Salt Spray Cyclic Corrosion Test Chambers

Galli-Nebbia-Salina-Ciclica-Salt Spray-Cyclic-Chamber-Cabinet-ASTM-450

A Cyclic Salt Fog CCT is able to reproduce, in the same chamber:
– a saline environment (the same as in the Salt Spray Chambers or Salt Mists)
– a dry environment
– a humid environment even with condensation

Furthermore, it is possible to create and reproduce Cyclical Tests with different thermo-climatic environments, thanks to the wide range of accessories. All these situations can be programmed by selecting temperatures, times, sequences, number of cycles, repetitions, all with the same test chamber. Flexible and at a fair price, these chambers are ideal for research and development applications.

Galli exclusively offers Ascott Analytical Cyclic Salt Spray CCT chambers.

We offer Ascott because it is a leading company like us and we like to offer the best to our customers.

There are five volumes available:

450 Liters (15.8 cu ft)
1000 Liters (35.3 cu ft)
1300 Liters (45.9 cu ft)
2000 Liters (70.6 cu ft)
2600 Liters (91.8 cu ft)


Condensation mode
Temperature range Adjustable from room temperature up to + 70 ° C
Humidity range Fixed at 95% – 100% RH

Technical characteristics of all Ascott cyclic test chambers

Ascott CCT chambers are designed to be flexible in order to comply with as many CCT specifications as possible. As standard they are made with the possibility of creating 4 distinct climates:
1. salt spray
2. condensation
3. air drying
4. controlled humidity.

Such climates can be programmed to occur in any sequence and to repeat automatically. A wide range of optional accessories allow you to add additional climates in order to further extend the number of climates and conditions that can be created.

• ‘Easily opened’ door operated with a pneumatic piston.
• Sealing gasket that avoids wetting the operator’s clothes, etc.
• Low entry height for easy loading and unloading.
• Possibility of choosing the door color.
• Window for internal viewing (not available with the refrigeration option).
• Automatic purge of the inside of the chamber before opening.
• Set of sample holders and a separate reservoir for saline solutions.
• Color touch-screen operator control interface with intuitive icons to facilitate programming and use.

• RJ45 communication port for connection to a local area network (LAN) for remote recording and programming via a computer using the optional Ascott software (ACC120).
• A clock, configurable by the user, allows the different test samples to have their exposure time monitored separately. An alarm warns you when the preset test times have been completed.
• A large memory capacity for complex multi-step test programs to program and store, so that a wide range of different tests can be undertaken.



Salt Spray Cyclic Corrosion Test Chambers

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