Demineralizers GDemi

Demineralization is a chemical-physical process intended for the total or partial elimination of salts dissolved in water.
Thanks to its very high heat transport capacity, water is frequently used for the transmission of energy, in the form of heat.

This involves the supply of thermal energy to the water, and possibly a change in physical state. In these phases, the separation of the salts dissolved in the water itself can take place, which then precipitate and deposit on the surfaces.

Since the particles deposited on the surfaces reduce the heat exchange, the need to avoid precipitation arises. The most complete method is the removal of dissolved salts before heating, i.e. demineralization.

Galli-GDemi-Serie5000-Demineralizzatore-Nebbia Salina-Cella Climatica

GDemi 5000 Series Demineralizing Column

GDemi 5000 Series Demineralizing Column, 30L, 50L

Galli-GDemi-Serie5200-Demineralizzatore-Nebbia Salina-Cella Climatica

GDemi 5200 Series Demineralizing Column

GDemi 5200 Series Demineralizing Column, 20L


Distiller GAutostill

Automatic Water Distiller GAutostill

The resins for the demineralization of water

Demineralization using ion exchange resins is a water purification technology that removes dissolved ions from the water and replaces them with other ions of identical or similar electrical charge to produce demineralized water.

The resins in the depleted form of the GDemi demineralizers can be regenerated, that is, their original shape and effectiveness can be restored.

GAutostill Distiller

Distilled water
Distilled water is water almost completely free of impurities (including microorganisms, mineral salts and dissolved gases) which is obtained through a distillation process.

It also has a lower electrical conductivity than the starting water, due to a lower concentration of ions inside.