GAutostill Distiller


GAutostill Construction Features

-Construction entirely in satin stainless steel “Scotch Brite” AISI 304 for maximum hygiene of use, corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning;
– Easily separable coolant upper body from the lower boiling chamber to allow periodic cleaning and descaling;
– Preheating of the water in the supply inlet through the cooling dome, it reduces consumption of energy;
-Non-slip rubber feet adjustable in height.

Standard equipment

-Magneto-thermal safety main switch;
– Level safety device, in case of lack of water in the boiler or insufficient flow, it stops heating, with automatic reset;
-Incoloy armored heaters for maximum durability;
– Water supply tap pre-adjusted in the factory and adjustable in case of need;
– Equipped with plastic pipes for draining the water and for the distilled water outlet;
-Documentation: Manual, Warranty Certificate, CE Declaration.

Made in Italy



GAutostill Distiller

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