GDEMI 5000 Series

Galli-GDemi-Serie5000-Demineralizzatore-Nebbia Salina-Cella Climatica

Interchangeable Resin Demineralization System

GDEMI 5000 series demineralization systems, with digital conductivity meter.

Fields of application

• Accumulators, batteries;
• Aquariums;
• Autoclaves;
• Salt Mists;
• Climatic chambers;
• Research and analysis laboratories;

• Hospitals and clinics;
• Restoration;
• Galvanic, electronic, cosmetic, chemical industries.

Principle of operation

The incoming water passes through a mixed bed of resins with a high exchange capacity that block cations and anions. In this way, high purity water is obtained with an average conductivity of 0.2 μs / cm.


Column in reinforced composite material,
Connections ¼ ”30L.
Connections ¾ ”50L.

Made in Italy



GDEMI 5000 Series

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