GDEMI 5200 Series

Galli-GDemi-Serie5200-Demineralizzatore-Nebbia Salina-Cella Climatica

Interchangeable Resin Demineralization System

GDEMI 5200 series demineralization systems are immediately ready for use.
Complete with stainless steel frame, inlet and outlet filters,
Digital conductivity meter and quick couplings.

Fields of application

Accumulators, batteries;
Saline mist;
Climatic cells;

Research and analysis laboratories;
Hospitals and clinics;
Galvanic, electronic, cosmetic, chemical industries.

Principle of operation

The incoming water is first filtered to block the coarser particles, then passes through a mixed bed of resins with a high exchange capacity that block cations and anions. In this way, high purity water is obtained with an average conductivity of 0.2 μs / cm. A second filter further protects the entire circuit.


Supporting structure in stainless steel;
Resin column in stainless steel;
Inlet filter and outlet filter;
Quick attacks;
Conductor with LED indicating resin efficiency.

Made in Italy



GDEMI 5200 Series

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