Scanner Microarray

Galli offers the most complete range of microarray scanners and capture and analysis software on the market today

Galli-Scanner-Microarray-Innoscan.1100 AL-Tre Colori

Scanner Microarray Innoscan 1100 Innoscan 1100AL

Three-color detection Excitation 488-532-635 nm Resolution 0.5 μm/pixel Glycan Arrays and Ultra-High Density Peptide Arrays

Galli-Scanner-Microarray-Innoscan-910-Alta Intensità

Scanner Microarray Innoscan 910 Innoscan 910AL

Two-color detection Excitation 532-635 nm Resolution 1 μm/pixel High Density DNA, CGH or Protein Arrays


Scanner Microarray Innoscan 710IR Innoscan 710AL

Two-color detection Near-Infrared Excitation 670-785 nm Resolution 3 μm/pixel Nitrocellulose-Coated slides


Scanner Microarray Innoscan 710 Innoscan 710AL

Two-color detection Excitation 532-635 nm Resolution 3 μm/pixel DNA, CGH or Protein Arrays

Galli-Innopsys-Scanner da Laboratorio-Innoscan 710G-710R

Scanner Microarray Innoscan 710G Innoscan 710R


Mapix Software Scanner management for Microarrays

Data acquisition and analysis for microarray images Simple, User-friendly High performance


InnoStamp 40 Fully automated Microcontact solution

Full Automated MicroContact Printing Uniform Micro and NanoPatterning of Proteins, DNA, Antibodies, Nanoparticules, Silane, Thiols…

From the low-cost fluorescence scanner to the high-resolution infrared protein microarray scanner to the higher-resolution laser, Galli has the perfect solution for your IVD research and diagnostics.


MicroArray Software

Easy and intuitive microarray image capture and analysis software simplifies data management and data export and sharing to the scientific community.

The calibration slides and the Gaul Service will allow you to keep your Scanner always calibrated and efficient.

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