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9 December 2019
Forno a Muffola da Laboratorio, Laboratory Muffle Furnaces MF100, Galli, Made in Italy, +1100°C, +1200°C

MF100 Muffle Furnaces High Temperature +1100°C

MF100 Muffle Furnaces High Temperature 1100°C Original Galli The muffle furnaces Model MF100 Original Galli, are ideal for your laboratory applications and for heating at precise […]
6 December 2019

Salt Spray Cyclic Corrosion Test Chambers

Salt Spray Cyclic Corrosion Test Chambers The Salt Spray Chamber for Cyclic Tests, called CCT, is a family of chambers to reproduce in a single apparatus […]
12 July 2017

Scanner Microarray InnoScan 710 Two-color

Scanner Microarray InnoScan 710 Two-color, robust scanner for routine use, Innopsys by Galli “ Ease of use, speed and image quality ” Scanner Microarray InnoScan 710 Two-color. […]
20 October 2016

AutoLoader for Scanner Microarray InnoScan

AutoLoader, High throughput, automation and rapidity, for Scanner Microarray InnoScan, Innopsys by Galli “24-slide loaders for high throughput applications” Save time and make analysis of your sample series more […]
20 October 2016
Galli-Scanner-MicroArray-Innopsys-innoscan-910-High Density

Scanner Microarray InnoScan 910 High Density

Scanner Microarray InnoScan 910. Performance and resolution for high-density arrays, Innopsys by Galli Ideal tool for reading high-density mircroarrays InnoScan 910 Scanner per Microarray ad Alta Densità With its […]
20 October 2016

Scanner Microarray InnoScan 710-IR

Scanner Microarray InnoScan 710-IR Infrared detection dedicated for protein arrays, Innopsys by Galli “ Capable of reading signals in the near-Infrared spectrum ” InnoScan 710 Scanner per Microarray ad Infrarosso […]