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9 December 2019
Forno a Muffola da Laboratorio, Laboratory Muffle Furnaces MF100, Galli, Made in Italy, +1100°C, +1200°C

MF100 Muffle Furnaces High Temperature +1100°C

MF100 Muffle Furnaces High Temperature 1100°C Original Galli The muffle furnaces Model MF100 Original Galli, are ideal for your laboratory applications and for heating at precise […]
6 December 2019

Salt Spray Cyclic Corrosion Test Chambers

Salt Spray Cyclic Corrosion Test Chambers The Salt Spray Chamber for Cyclic Tests, called CCT, is a family of chambers to reproduce in a single apparatus […]
12 July 2017
Galli-Bath-GSonic, Bagno Ultrasioni, Ultrasonic Baths, Pulizia, degassaggio, Cleaning, Degasing

GSonic Laboratory Ultrasonic Bath

GSonic Laboratory Ultrasonic Baths Galli’s Original Equipments Ultrasonic Baths Model GSonic for clinical, biological, pharmaceutical and industrial applications. Ideal for cleaning glass parts laboratory, degassing of liquids, […]
12 July 2017

Scanner Microarray InnoScan 710 Two-color

Scanner Microarray InnoScan 710 Two-color, robust scanner for routine use, Innopsys by Galli “ Ease of use, speed and image quality ” Scanner Microarray InnoScan 710 Two-color. […]
20 October 2016

AutoLoader for Scanner Microarray InnoScan

AutoLoader, High throughput, automation and rapidity, for Scanner Microarray InnoScan, Innopsys by Galli “24-slide loaders for high throughput applications” Save time and make analysis of your sample series more […]
20 October 2016
Galli-Scanner-MicroArray-Innopsys-innoscan-910-High Density

Scanner Microarray InnoScan 910 High Density

Scanner Microarray InnoScan 910. Performance and resolution for high-density arrays, Innopsys by Galli Ideal tool for reading high-density mircroarrays InnoScan 910 Scanner per Microarray ad Alta Densità With its […]