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24 August 2018
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M91 Micro Incubator

M91 Micro Incubator Original Galli



The M91 Micro Incubator, is the ideal tool for the biological laboratory, bacteriology, serology, biological micro cultures, diagnostic and food testing, medical research, water analysis, quality control, HACCP, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

The Micro Incubator M91 is appreciated and used every day successfully. Designed by Galli in 1991, this small thermostat has several imitations, but thanks to the continuous updating the original Micro Incubator M91, has no rivals.

In conclusion, in Micro Incubator chamber you may plase laboratory glassware such as Petri dishes, tubes, test tubes, slides in contact. This small thermostat will ensure the ideal incubation and the right temperature essential for the growth of micro organisms on growth medium or culture medium, simple or complex agar.


• AG-System Control SMART: PID Digital Microprocessor, careful and sensitive.
• +- 0.1°C resolution
• Reliable, safe, accurate
•Range Temperature: from Amb. Temperature +5,0°C to +60,0°C
• Versatile and compact, with viewing window
• Version 230V ac and handle version 12V dc
• Natural Air convection
• Made in Italy

galli-made-in-italy-design-originale-galli, Original Galli

galli-made-in-italy-design-originale-galli, Original Galli

• N°02 Sheves
• N°01 Supply Cable
• N°01 Instruction Manual
• N°01 CE Certificate
• N°01 Warranty Certificate

Brochure Galli-Micro Incubator-M91

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