Gibry Hybridization Oven


Gibry Hybridization Ovens by Galli, applications: southern (DNA), northern (RNA) and western hybridizations, custom focused genotyping, linkage analysis, sequencing-based methylation analysis, FFPE sample analysis, whole-genome gene expression analysis, comparitive genome hybridization, genome tiling, gene expression, micro RNA analysis, pathogen typing, re-sequencing and SNP detection, stripping of microarrays. Hybridization Ovens for molecular biology, cytogenetic analysis, biotechnology sector, bi


• AG-System Control SMART: PID Digital Microprocessor, careful and sensitive,+/- 0,1°C resolution
• Dual Use: Hybridization Oven and/or lncubator
• Range Temperature: From Amb. Temperature +5°C to +99,9°C Adjustable rotisserie up to 20rpm
• Reliable and safe, versatile and compact, with standard door window
• Dynamic and homogeneous Forced Air circulation System
• Made in Italy


• Compact size and stackable models
• Low external temperatures, minimum energy consumption
• See through door for viewing indoors without modify the test temperature
• Inner chamber in stainless steel AISI 304 with rounded corners, easy to clean


• Microprocessor Control PID Digital with Autotuning
• Resolution -/+ 0,1°C
• Double display to show set point temperature and actual inner temperature
• Platinum probe PT100 Class A
• Solid State Relay “Zero Crossing” low noise
• Autotuning function parameters
• Safety Device selectable and independent, Class 3.1
• 2 points Calibrable + Offset function
• Timer 99h 59m

Standard Equipments

• N°01 Rotation shaft, removable
• N°01 Supply cable
• N°01 Instruction Manual
• N°01 CE Conformity Certificate
• N°01 Warranty Certificate


• Rotissery, Platforms, Shelves, Tubes, Clamps



Gibry Hybridization Oven

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