GTestBox Thermostatic and Climatic Chamber


Climatic cells for simulation environmental test. Ideal for the industrial sector, automotive, aeronautical, electronic, optical, semiconductor, biological, chemical and pharmaceutical studies thin and particulate, calibrations.


  • AG-System: Digital, accurate and sensitive PID microprocessor control
  • Ideal working conditions for metrological tests, where temperature and humidity must be closely controlled according to D.M. 60 02/04/2002
  • Complete opening door with porthole for hand insertion
  • Temperature Range +15.0°C to +25.0°C 40-60 UR%
  • Volume from 260 – 400 L
  • Made in Italy


  • Original Design Galli
  • Functional and compact structure
  • Excellent visibility of the interior compartment
  • Right and left side to facilitate electrical connections
  • Compliant with D.M. 60 02/04/2002
  • Volume from 260 – 400 L
  • Low turbulence ventilation system
  • Thermostat with ecological gas
  • Internal lighting with switch
  • Temperature and UR% Accuracy
  • Power supply 230V 1~50hz


  • Table with panels and doors
  • Opening on the camera floor
  • Anti-vibration table for balance
  • HEPA filtration
  • Special measures on request


GTestBox Thermostatic and Climatic Chamber

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