GTEST Thermostatic and Climatic Chamber

Galli-Camera Climatica-Climatic Chamber-Gtest

GTEST models offer different solutions for your testing requirements working with control of temperature and relative humidity. Galli offers GTEST model in 3 versions:
Incubators of great capacity for testing temperature from Amb.Temp. + 5.0°C to + 60.0°C
Ideal for temperature-controlled trials, incubation, maturation, aging, …
Thermostatic Chambers with refrigeration, ideal for testing of temperature  from+ 0.0°C to + 60.0°C
When you want to work around or below ambient temperature, here the solution.
Climate Chambers with Temperature and Moisture Control from 20rh% to 96rh%
Ideal for stability test, technological test, shelf life tests, bacterial and cell cultures, …


• AG-System: Microprocessor Control PID Digital, accurate and sensitive. Model GTEST Original Galli
• Instrument ideal for all applications where precise control of temperature and humidity is required
• External steel AISI 304 Scotch Brite finishing
• Adjustable feet for leveling the instrument
• Ecological  Thermal Insulation
• Stainless steel AISI 304 internal corrosion with rounded corners
• Inner capacity with 1, 2 or 3 vanes
• Independent doors AISI 304
• Magnetic seals
• Lock and key
• Special System of Distribution Air
• Forced ventilation for better uniformity

• Cooling by refrigerating unit hermetic type
• Air-cooled, low-noise
• Environmentally friendly CFC-free gas
• Heating by armored elements stainless
• Automatic system of humidification and dehumidification
• Choice of sterile steam or ultrasonic
• Made in Italy

Versions AGS Control DAILY:

• Controller Microprocessor PID Digital Dual Display for Temperature Control
• Controller Microprocessor PID control Digital Dual Display for RH%
• Safety Regulator, fuses, pressure switches, lights
• Ideal for continuous operation ° C and RH% fixed

Versions AGS Control TALENT:

• Touch Screen 7 “Wide Screen graph COLORS
• PID control of temperature
• PID control of humidity
• Registration on Line Graphics ° C and RH%
• USB for chart data and alarms daìownload
• Ethernet for connection to PC or LAN
• Safety Regulator, fuses, pressure switches, lights
• Ideal for simple and complex climate thermal cycles

Standard equipment for GTEST:

• N° 01 ° Through Hole, with cap, for introducing probes
• N° 01 tank and pipes for loading and unloading water
• N° 02 keys for opening and closing doors
• N° 01 Power cable
• N° 01 Instruction Manual
• N° 01 Certificate of Conformity
• N° 01 Certificate of Guarantee

Standard equipment for each compartment:

• N° 03 shelves, removable and adjustable in height



GTEST Thermostatic and Climatic Chamber

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