GIPTEST-560 Dust Penetration Test Chamber

GIPTEST 560XX Galli Cella Prove IP5X IP6X

In Compliance with IEC/CEI EN 60529 for IP5X- IP6X protection degrees

 Main Features

  • Internal Chamber Dimensions 1000x1000x1000 mm WxDxH 
  • Door with Gaskets and Inspection Window
  • Lower collecting hopper
  • Compartment for circulation pump
  • Vibrating Hopper system to avoid talc deposits
  • Talc circulation system by means of radial fan
  • Aspiration from the lower part with introduction in the upper part
  • Deflector of powder distribution
  • Internal socket outlet for specimen connection
  • Pre-heating system for internal moisture removal
  • Internal/external pressure compensator filter
  • Internal upper tracks complete with sliding hooks
  • General Switch
  • Programmer for cycle timer 24h
  • Test cycle selector “Manual –Automatic”
  • Selector for internal socket
  • Switch for intermittence electrical outlet
  • Control switch for fans
  • Selector for heating insertion
  • Signalling and control lights
  • Power supply 400V 3P+N 50hz
  • Installed power 1 kW
  • Noise exceeding 80 decibels, with vibrator inserted
  • External dimensions approx 1160x1080x1960mm WxDxH

Standard Equipment

  • 25 kg of talc HM4
  • Instruction Manual
  • Talc particle size certificate
  • Warranty Certificate
  • CE Certificate of Conformity

Vacuum-group for the specimen

  • Instrument holder structure in powder-coated steel
  • Vacuometer for specimen internal vacuum measurements – double scale 40 mbar
  • Additional vacuometer with calibration certificate issued by the manufacturer
  • Flowmeter for checking the air flowed from the specimen having the following characteristics:
    • Minimum flow rate: 40 Lt/h
    • Maximum flow rate: 10 mc/h
    • Maximum working pressure: 0,5 Bar
    • Calibration certificate issued by the manufacturer
  • Filter for instrument protection
  • Vacuum pump with inverter for the regulation of the vacuum
  • Digital safety pressure switch in case of over-depression


Dust Sieve

  • Square mesh with diameter of 200 mm
  • Nominal distance between wires 5 μm


IP5K and IP6K Testing System

  • 6-second air/dust movement with pause every 15 minutes
  • Adjustable by PLC
  • In compliance with ISO/SIN 40050-1 and SAE J 575


GIPTEST-560 Dust Penetration Test Chamber

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