Bench-Top Salt Spray Chamber


Salt spray continues to be the ultimate corrosion test for comparing actual product performance with relative expectations – in accordance with international standards. It is therefore a very popular test for quality control.

They create a climate full of salt and humidity, often with high temperatures. The samples placed inside them are continuously exposed to a highly saline and corrosive environment. These chambers proposed by Fratelli Galli satisfy the majority of the most common tests and are ideal for quality control applications.

The Standard models are designed for continuous salt spray tests, conducted at a single user-adjustable temperature, for example ASTM B117, ISO 9227, JIS Z 2371 etc. They can be used with saline solutions at neutral pH (SNS) or test solutions acidified by the addition of acetic acid (ASS) or cupric acid (CASS).


Temperature range Adjustable according to the ambient temperature up to + 50 ° C
Adjustable precipitate from 0.5 to 2.5 ml for 80cm2 / h


• Door ‘easy to open’ with a pneumatic piston.
• Black and white touch-screen operator control interface.
• Sealing gasket that avoids wetting the operator’s clothes, etc.
• Low entry height for loading and unloading.
• Possibility of choosing the door color.
• Window for internal vision.
• Automatic purge of the inside of the chamber before opening.
• Saline solution tank.
• Sample holder set.

Exclusive Services

• Transportation
• Installation
• Training
• Maintenance
• Spare parts availability
• ASTMB117 Certified Salt

Choice of hatch

All rooms are offered with freedom to choose the color of the hatch at no additional cost.
• After-sales assistance



Bench-Top Salt Spray Chamber

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