Founded in 1960

GALLI Company was founded in 1960 by brothers Giuseppe and Pietro Galli in Milan, where it began, in a small back room the ingenious production and reliable water Jacketed incubators.


In over 50 years GALLI has grown up to his latest new factory where Renato Galli and his staff continue to create Temperature Controlled and Environmental Simulation equipment offering new solutions for today's and tomorrow's applications : Climatic Chambers – Thermal Shock – Shakers - Ovens – Furnaces – Incubators - CO2 – Scanner - Baths – Criostats – Distillators – UV Xenon – Salt Spray Chambers - VOCs Emission Test Chambers.


Attention to the needs of customers, the considerable experience and constant updating has made GALLI one of the leading companies in the industry. We know that choosing a GALLI product, you require a quality and reliable product and we work hard to earn the privilege of being among your preferred suppliers. Fratelli Galli : Experience & Competence - Design & fabrication - Installation & Assistance - Standards & Specials.