Scientific Research Tools

Curiosity above all, wanting to understand how things are, how the world within and around us is made. This is what encourage us to go further, to never stop and to constantly discover new things. It is not an easy task, but it is nonetheless fascinating; we must be ready, keep on studying and never feel accomplished.

Therefore, scientific research feels the need for specific and reliable instruments and technologies capable of replicating tests, that are essential to the scientific development.

Fratelli Galli’s laboratory scientific instruments are thoroughly designed and built in order to provide support in the realization of various tests and trials on materials and substances.

Among our products are models designed and built for several purposes, while other are customized to conduct specific tests, trials, or regulations.

Galli offers a range of instruments suitable for all branches of scientific research: from basic/simple research to physics, biological, electronic, chemical, oil, food, agricultural, zootechnical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and aeronautical research.

Heat exchangers via liquid medium, that is the transmission of heat between materials that are immersed in a fluid, such as the Thermostatic Bath model 1800, the series of Immersion Thermostats GHEAT100 and the Refrigerated Chillers. These instruments can work with different types of fluids, water, oil, sand, and glycol.

Equipment for the stimulation and growth of microorganisms, insects, and plants, such as GCELL Incubators, walk-in cells GWALKIN, spacious enough to contain racks and shelves to perform research in series. They all come with a setting panel that enables to control and regulate a series of parameters such as temperature, humidity, light, irradiation, CO2 gas level and to simulate the circadian rhythm through the succession of day-night cycle.

Heating instruments, drying instruments, instruments for thermal resistance testing, incinerating instruments, such as the well-known Galli ovens GTherm and 2100, with temperature as high as +300°C, High Temperature Ovens, +500°C and +800°C, and Muffle Furnaces MF100, from +1100°C up to +1800°C.

Instruments for vacuum or modified atmosphere tests like Vacuum ovens Galli 21GV. Galli offers valid solutions when it is required to carry out experiments with large and important volumes of different geometry and dimensions.

Regarding the research activity it is important to take into consideration the storage phase in which reagents, temperature-sensitive components, biological materials, and other tests must be carefully stored while waiting to be used in the following experiment. Galli offers GREFRY refrigerators, model SuperFreezy Freezers and Deep Freezers, ULT Ultra Low Temperature able to solve most laboratory needs. When handling dangerous substances, Galli provides refrigerators complying with the strict ATEX regulations.

Among our instruments are blending and shaking instruments, such as Flocculators GFLOKKU and Shaking Baths Dubnoff GSHAKE. Moreover, equipment specifically designed for rock studies and asbestos contamination research.

Our Climatic chambers GENVIRO can reproduce standard or extreme thermo-climatic conditions. Furthermore, some models allow to carry out stress-tests through the application of a vibrating and impact system, enabling researchers to better understand the limits of the substances they are working with, in order to find better ones.

Instruments like water demineralizers belonging to the GDEMI series, designed to trigger chemical reactions.

An assortment of small instruments and accessories – thermometers, thermohygrometer and dataloggers – designed for measuring temperature, percentage of humidity, relative humidity, irradiation and other parameters during laboratory tests and trials, has been selected by Fratelli Galli.