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Solutions for the Railway Sector

Laboratory tests and trials have the purpose of ensuring the product and its performance in any condition, even the more extremes.

Daily, every product is exposed to environmental and mechanical pressures: heat, cold, humidity, vibrations, impacts, smog, wind, irradiation, atmospheric agents…; each one of these conditions can affect the product and its proper performance.

All these above-mentioned conditions are even more significant in the railway sector, for the products work constantly under pressure for thousands of kilometers a day, daily, for years on, moving through different territories and climatic areas with various climatic conditions, at times extremes.

Therefore, it is fundamental for the companies involved in this sector to make sure/guarantee that their railway products function/work perfectly in whatever condition they are required to operate in, and to ensure to the customers, often railway companies, not only in Italy but also all around the world.

Fratelli Galli offers several solutions to simulate, with the employment of Climatic Chambers, the most complex atmospheric conditions, recreating extreme temperature and humidity conditions, vibration, temperature leaps, solar heating, and corrosive environment to test products reliability and to identify critical issues in order to keep on making improvements to the project/design.

Ovens and furnaces for accelerated ageing testing

Thermostatic test chambers for temperature environmental simulations

Climatic test chambers for environmental simulations with temperature and controlled humidity

Electrodynamic tables for vibration testing

Pneumatic tables for random vibration testing

Combined climatic test chambers for vibration, temperature and humidity testing

Thermal shock test chambers

Test chambers for accelerated ESS

Test chambers for HALT & HASS

Chambers for volatile organic compounds emission (VOC) and formaldehyde testing

Instruments for IP degree testing

Salt spray chambers for corrosion-resistance testing

Cyclic corrosion testing chambers for combined tests – salt spray, dry, humidity, condensation, rain, corrosive gases

Instruments for artificial or accelerated ageing tests with xenon light and UV lights

Thermostatic and refrigerated baths for specific laboratory testing

Thermostatic and refrigerated baths for immersion testing

Industrial freezers

Nitrogen Chambers

instruments designed and built for a specific request, regulation, and ISO, EN, IEC, VDE, UNI, DIN, RFI, Mil, and ASTM standards.