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Virkon is a high-level disinfectant, particularly suitable whenever there is a need to sanitize, and for effective control of the spread of infections. In fact, it causes the physical destruction of pathogenic microorganisms of fungal, bacterial and viral origin.
It is a product supplied in powder and soluble in cold mains water: for use, it must be reconstituted at 1% (equal to 10g / liter), thus obtaining a ready-to-use solution, characterized by a slight lemon aroma and a pink color that acts as a self-testing indicator of effectiveness: the solution maintains its biocidal activity as long as the pink color persists.

GFOGGY Nebulizzatore-sanificazione-disinfezione-Virkon-Virucida Galli Nebbia Secca Automatico Ugello_edited

GFoggy 20, 50

GFoggy 20 and GFoggy 50 Virkon Disinfectant Nebulizer

Galli-GFOGGY 10-Nebulizzatore-sanificazione-disinfezione-Virkon-Virucida Galli Nebbia Secca Automaticoo

GFoggy 10

GFoggy 10Hydrogen Peroxide and Virkon Nebulizer

Tested on any type of surface, it is applied for the disinfection of work surfaces, equipment, machinery, tanks, containers. With the appropriate instrumentation, it is used for the decontamination of air and water.

At the concentration of use (1%) it does not irritate, does not give off toxic vapors or unpleasant odors. Unlike most broad spectrum disinfectants currently on the market, it is biodegradable. The waste of the used solution can be disposed of through the sewer system without any risk of pollution.

The use of Virkon generates economic savings because, thanks to its formulation, it cleans and disinfects in a single operation, without the need for pre-washing or the use of expensive detergents.

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