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Professional Laboratory Freezers

Single-temperature and combined freezer cabinets, for the storage of medicines and / or biological materials, one or two-door fridge freezers; all GFreezy Freezers meet the needs of users, with excellent internal uniformity of temperature, low energy consumption, a wide range of accessories such as, for example, large drawers for greater ease of handling and identification of products. The prefabricated models are also particularly suitable to be assembled and installed in hardly accessible rooms …

Type of insulation used in laboratory freezers

GFreezy Galli freezers use the latest generation of insulators capable of guaranteeing maximum insulation and minimum heat loss on all walls which translates into energy and therefore money savings.

What are the applications of Freezers

The applications of a Galli refrigerator are to keep the products placed inside it at a temperature below room temperature. For laboratory tests, storage of biological products, storage of heat-sensitive materials, …

What versions are available?

There are several versions available: with single compartment or with double compartment.

Do Galli Freezers have optional accessories?

Yes, it is possible to have different accessories ranging from through holes, to completely customized versions with ad hoc customized dimensions and features.

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