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What are Freezers?

At Fratelli Galli we often hear this question, and we try to answer it. Freezers are normally appliances, instruments that allow you to have low temperatures, below zero, therefore negative temperatures that normally range, in the domestic sector from -18 ° C to -20 ° C, some reach -24 ° C. A laboratory freezer can obtain these levels of cold and to maintain them over time. Typically, the values at which they work are from -10 ° C, -20 ° C, -30 ° C up to -40 ° C. These cabinets also sell called Freezer.

What are Ultra Freezers?

In addition to the temperature of -40 ° C, there is talk of very low temperature freezers. For Ultra Freezer or Super Freezer, we mean a freezer that allows you to obtain very low temperatures, typically we speak of -80 ° C (minus eighty degrees centigrade) which is really a "nice temperature", but there are ultra-freezers that work even -50 ° C, -85 ° C, -86 ° C, -90 ° C, -100 ° C and even -150 ° C.

What are Ultra Freezers for?

These tools allow you to preserve biological samples while preserving their long-term characteristics. Another typical application of these devices is the storage of virus vaccines, for example the coronavirus, Covid19, vaccines have been developed that must be kept in a -80 ° C freezer. Fratelli Galli also offers a specific freezer in degrees of keep vaccines that need a temperature of -20 ° C, such as Moderna and keep vaccines that need to be stored at much lower temperatures down to -70 ° C, such as Pfizer’s.

How do you get such low temperatures?

To obtain such low temperatures, a perfect technological knowledge of refrigeration is essential, knowledge that Fratelli Galli has developed through years of experience as a manufacturer and in maintenance and repair activities. Of course, this type of instrument has undergone several transformations over the years, especially aimed at reducing the energy impact and using increasingly ecological and environmentally friendly refrigerant gases. We can affirm that the most widespread and reliable techniques are those of two-stage or cascade refrigeration systems and single-stage auto-cascade systems, but new techniques are appearing on the market and we are already studying them for future applications.

How much does an Ultra-Freezer cost?

Let's say that the price of a freezer at -80 ° C can represent a significant investment, Fratelli Galli in addition to offering a range of choices, also offers an operational rental service of very low temperature freezers that helps the customer in dealing with the investment.

What are the main types of -80 ° C ultra freezers?

Chest freezers, also known as well or chest freezers. This type of freezer offers an undoubted advantage, since cold air is heavier than hot air, chest freezers lower their temperature more easily and maintaining a low temperature over time requires less energy expenditure than that required by a upright freezer. Their flaw lies in their footprint, in the space they occupy in the plan, which is much larger than that of an upright freezer. However, if your lab is spacious, this is the type of freezer we recommend, as it will prove to be cheaper to buy and use.

Choosing an Ultra-Freezer Cabinet?

We know that this type of ultra-low temperature freezers account for the majority of -80 ° C freezer purchases. Their footprint, the space occupied on the floor, is much smaller than that of a chest freezer and is often a determining factor in a laboratory that never has enough space. They may be more comfortable to use, as the samples remain accessible without the need to bend down. However, their energy consumption is significantly higher than that of a chest freezer and their operating and purchase costs are more expensive. Need a few samples to keep? If you have few samples and want to be independent and flexible with respect to large storages, counter freezers from minus 80 ° C could be the solution. These ultra low temperature freezers have small volumes and are intended to be placed on a counter or even there are some that can be placed under the counter thanks to their low height.

Are there any specific accessories for Ultra Freezers?

To ensure that the cold chain is maintained, and that storage has not undergone changes in temperature and therefore interruptions, Data Loggers are used, electronic instruments capable of reading and resisting the cryogenic temperature of these special freezers and of recording and reporting. in Report the trend over time by managing any alarms. Fratelli Galli offers a line of USB and Wi-Fi Data Loggers. The boxes are used for the correct and orderly storage of biological samples and vaccines. Fratelli Galli has developed a series of Racks Containers, in stainless steel, indispensable for optimally containing boxes and other containers. Often these Cryo Racks are made to specific measure to optimize the useful internal volume of the Ultra Freezer chamber.

Who to contact?

Fratelli Galli assists you and advises you in choosing your ultra-low temperature freezer. Our technical team is also able to assist you with ad hoc quotations, operational rental, we organize installation, IQ, OQ, PQ qualifications, maintenance, calibration.


Professional Laboratory Freezers

Single-temperature and combined freezer cabinets, for the storage of medicines and / or biological materials, one or two-door fridge freezers; all GFreezy Freezers meet the needs of users, with excellent internal uniformity of temperature, low energy consumption, a wide range of accessories such as, for example, large drawers for greater ease of handling and identification of products. The prefabricated models are also particularly suitable to be assembled and installed in hardly accessible rooms …

Type of insulation used in laboratory freezers

GFreezy Galli freezers use the latest generation of insulators capable of guaranteeing maximum insulation and minimum heat loss on all walls which translates into energy and therefore money savings.

What are the applications of Freezers

The applications of a Galli refrigerator are to keep the products placed inside it at a temperature below room temperature. For laboratory tests, storage of biological products, storage of heat-sensitive materials, …

What versions are available?

There are several versions available: with single compartment or with double compartment.

Do Galli Freezers have optional accessories?

Yes, it is possible to have different accessories ranging from through holes, to completely customized versions with ad hoc customized dimensions and features.

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