GFreezy Professional Laboratory Freezer -60°C


Designed for use in the scientific and technological fields.
Ideal for the conservation of biological products, drugs and vaccines.

• Choice of 6 different internal volumes.
• Choice between 3 temperature ranges -45 ° C -60 ° C and -85 ° C
• Digital microprocessor control with resolution of + -0.1 ° C.
• Acoustic-Luminous Alarm System.
• Alarm contact for connection to remote external systems.
• Efficient insulation avoids dispersion to the environment.
• The opening from above allows access to the compartment for operations
loading and unloading and reduces the loss of “cold”.
• Door complete with key lock to limit access,
GFreezy -85 ° C equipped with internal compartment counter-closing panels.
• Compact, easy to position, takes up little space,
GFreezy -85 ° C and -60 ° C supplied with wheels, Grefry-45 ° C with feet.
• Exclusive refrigeration system combines technology ad
a compressor with a mixture of natural refrigerant gases
and ecological.



GFreezy Professional Laboratory Freezer -60°C

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