GIPTEST-340 Water Spray Test Chamber

GIPTEST 340XX Galli Cella Prove IPx3 IPx4

In Compliance with IEC/DIN/EN 60529/60068 2-18 for IPX3-IPX4 protection degrees

Main Features

  • External dimensions 1510x1150x2200 mm WxDxH
  • Structure made of stainless steel with water spray protection box with plexiglas closing panels
  • Interchangeable spraying arches made of stainless steel tube with radius from 200 to 400 mm
  • Adjustable and interchangeable spraying nozzles with 0,4 mm holes for IPX4 protection degree tests
  • Screw caps for nozzle exclusion for IPX3 degree tests
  • Telescopic specimen support with a turntable of 280 mm activated by a gearmotor with rotational speed of 1 rotation/min
  • Water supply system with pression reducer, bag filter and flowmeter
  • Air supply system with sieve and reducer with manometer and lubricant
  • Circuit breaker main switch
  • Programmable timer
  • Signaling lights
  • Power supply: 400V ±10%, 50Hz, 3P+T+N
  • Water power supply from 1/4″ to 1,5 bar
Available with spraying arch with maximum radius of 600 mm and external dimensions 1950x1450x2200 mm WxDxH

Standard Equipment

  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Certificate
  • CE Certificate of Conformity

Column System with Socket Outlet

  • Watertight socket outlet 230V, 16A, 2P+T
  • PLC for auto mode setting

Water Recirculation System for IPX3 and IPX4 Test

  • 80L collection tank located in the lower part of the structure
  • Electric pump with flow rate of 20 L/min at 200kPa

Water Recirculation System for 4K Test

  • Interchangeable spraying nuzzles with holes of 0,8 mm
  • Selector for turntable rotational speed setting from 1 rot./min. or 4/rot./min.
  • Flowmeter with glass measuring tube
  • Centrifugal electric pump


GIPTEST-340 Water Spray Test Chamber

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