GHUMY Thermostatic Climatic Chamber


Climate Chamber, Humidostatic Model GHUMY, ideal for laboratory tests, live shelf, stability, conditioning, product quality tests. Designed and built in Italy: an Original Galli product, Made in Italy.
It offers excellent control of Temperature ° C / ° F and Relative Humidity RH% RH% and allows you to work up to high temperatures of + 180 ° C (option)


• Compact floor model
• Internal chamber in AISI 304 stainless steel with rounded corners
• Efficient thermal insulation
• Silicone rubber gaskets
• Insulated door
• Door opening microswitch
• Special motor fan
• Air diffusion bulkheads
• Automatic heating
• Resistors with low surface load
• Automatic cooling
• Ecological CFC free refrigeration unit
• Steam humidification
• Automatic dehumidification on battery
• Made in Italy

AGS Control DAILY versions:

• Dual Display Digital PID Microprocessor Controller for Temperature Control
• Dual Display Digital PID Microprocessor Controller for RH% Control
• Safety regulator, fuses, pressure switches, warning lights
• Ideal for continuous operation at fixed ° C and RH%

AGS Control TALENT versions:

• 7 ″ Wide Graphic COLOR Touch Screen
• PID temperature regulation
• PID regulation of Relative Humidity
• Online registration Graphics ° C and RH%
• USB for graphic data download and alarms
• ETHERNET for connection to PC or LAN
• Safety regulator, fuses, pressure switches, warning lights
• Ideal for creating simple and complex thermo-climatic cycles

Standard equipment for GHUMY appliance:

• N ° 01 Through hole, with cap, for probe insertion
• N ° 01 Tank and pipes for water loading and unloading
• N ° 01 Power cable
• N ° 01 Instruction manual
• N ° 01 CE certificate of conformity
• N ° 01 Warranty Certificate

Standard equipment for each compartment:

• N ° 02 anti-overturning shelves, removable and adjustable in height



GHUMY Thermostatic Climatic Chamber

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