GREFRY-F Professional Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

GREFRY F 140X Frigorifero Professionale per Farmaci Professional-Pharmaceutical-Refrigerators-

In Compliance with DIN 58345

The GREFRY-F Series Refrigerators for Pharmaceutical Storage
by Fratelli Galli are professional equipment that fully satisfy the requirements for refrigeration in pharmaceutical sector.

They offer ample storage space with a minimum bulk of just 60 cm; countertop models are 82cm high and can be placed under any laboratory bench.

Available in different volumes: 140L, 150L, 360L and 390L.

External structure made of stainless steel with plastic inner compartment.

This series include glass and blind door models, with internal light and switch.

Electronic temperature control system with 0.1°C adjustment.

Temperature range: from +2°C to +8°C.

Acoustic and visual alarms for the signaling of open door and temperature variations (adjustable by the user), RS485 interface and voltage-free clean contacts for connection to centralized monitoring systems.

Forced air cooling that ensures constant temperature maintenance and even temperature distribution inside.

Control module that saves the minimum and maximum internal temperatures, the last three alarms for temperature and power anomalies as well as time, date, and duration of the alarm. 

Digital display that stores the exact temperature and operating status.

A second safety thermostat prevents the stored materials from freezing.

Hermetic compressors with eco-friendly refrigerant gas, which improves their CO2 footprint and promotes sustainability.

Made in Italy.


  • Serial BUS Interface for connection to an external monitoring system
  • External digital display
  • Available as under-worktop models
  • Reversable door hinges

Standard Equipment

  • Power Cord
  • Instruction Manual
  • CE Certificate of Conformity
  • Warranty Certificate


GREFRY-F Professional Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

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