GREFRY-1400D Double Independent Laboratory Refrigerator


Professional Double Independent laboratory Refrigerator GREFRY is ideal for a correct storage at low temperatures in the Pharmaceutical, Clinical, Cosmetic, Biological, Food and Industrial sector. 
Excellent thermal insulation on all walls.
Stainless steel internal chamber. 
Galvanized Steel exterior, PVC coated.
Removable and height-adjustable shelves.
Glass Door with magnetic seals and key.
Door opening microswitch.
Control panel with Digital Temperature Control System with 0.1 ° C Display
Alarm management.
PT1000 Platinum temperature probes.
Hermetic compressor with Ecological Gas.


Made in Italy


  • Internal dimensions: RC 580x670x1500 mm LC 580x670x1500 mm WxDxH
  • External dimensions 1400x800x1990 mm WxDxH
  • weight Kg 220
  • Alimentazione 230V 1f 50Hz
  • N° 04+04 = 08 Standard Shelves

Standard Equipment

  • Power Cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • CE Certificate
  • Warranty Certificate


GREFRY-1400D Double Independent Laboratory Refrigerator

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