GhygrocellSO2 Test Chamber Kesternich SO2


Corrosion tests by cyclic exposure to an acidic environment and saturated with moisture

Standard Features

  • With Constant and High Temperature and Climate
  • With addition of SO2 for kesternich test
  • In accordance with the following rules:
    EN ISO 6988, DIN 50018, DIN 50017, DIN 53771, DIN 55358, DIN 55991
    ISO 3231, 4541 – ASTM D 2247 – BS 3900 -F8 – NFT 30-055 and other similar
  • Structure made of corrosion-resistant material
  • Crystal door for internal viewing of test pieces
  • Heating by armoured resistors
  • Excellent uniformity and thermal stability
  • Safety water level sensor
  • Digital PID microprocessor control
  • Platinum PT1000 Probe
  • cycle timer
  • Warning indicator lamps main functions
  • Device for lodging standard test pieces/sheets
  • General switch bright green
  • Protection fuses omnipular
  • Power Cable
  • Safety plug with EEC interlock


Material supplied in equipment

  • N°01 User Manual
  • N°01 Guarantee Certificate
  • N°01 EC declaration


GhygrocellSO2 Test Chamber Kesternich SO2

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