GHIBLI Laboratory Oven GREEN AdvancedGalliSystem +300°C


• External structure solvent free
• Ecological Multilayer thermal insulated
• Chamber in Stainless Steel AISI 304 with rounded corners
• Silicone Seals for high temperature
• Insulated door with a compression closure
• Energy Saving
• Adjustable Height
• Through hole for inspection robes

Control System AdvancedGalliSystem GREEN

• Microprocessor with Double Digital Display: visualize simultaneously the set point and the inner Temperature
• Control Algorithm Optimized with PID Actions
 Autotuning function for auto-intonization of parameters
• Platinum Probe PT 100, Class A
• Solid State relay, “Zero crossing” low noise
• Timer 99h 59m integrated with 5 operating modes
• 1 Program da 8 spezzate con rampe e stasi
• Dynamic and homogeneous Air Circulation System, Natural or Forced
• Volumes: 50, 80, 100 Litres
• Made in Italy

Security Devices

• Bipolar fuses for complete protection of the plant
• General Switch Bipolar Bright Green
• Integrated Alarm Management Diagnostics
• Adjustable set point control system with independent relay
• Thermostat Safety Device, selectable and indipendent, Class 3.1 – DIN12880

Standard Equipments

• N°01 Instruction and Maintenance Manual
• N°01 CE Conformity Certificate
• N°01 Warranty Certificate 24 Months
• N°01 Certificate of calibration acording to ACCREDIA
• N°02 Shelves, removable and adjustable height



GHIBLI Laboratory Oven GREEN AdvancedGalliSystem +300°C

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