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We thank all customers who have placed their trust and they have chosen Galli as their suppliers.

Gas Company, Water Company, Electricity Company, Nuclear Energy Company, Company Solar Energy, Waste Disposal Company, Nursing, Clinics, Customs, Experimental Industry Clothing, Aeronautical Industry, Food Industry, Automotive, Beverages Industry, Paper Industry, Cable Industry, Chemical Industry, Industry, Cycles, Motorcycles, Industry Electrical Components, Electronic Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry and Cosmetics Industry, Railway, Industry Galvanic, Labs, Rubber and Plastic industry, Wood and Furniture Industry, Feed Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Medical Industry, Metallurgical Industry, Industry, Marine Industry, Oil & Gas industry, Optical Industry, Leather Industry, Industry Paints, Varnishes, Metal Industry Products Industry, Industry of 00tobacco, Textile industry, Industrial Valves, Vehicles Industry, Glass Industry Ceramics, Industry Hardware, Research Institute, National Institute of Health, Industrial Technical Institute, Laboratories, Laboratory Analysis food and agriculture, Environmental Chemical Analysis Laboratory, Clinical Analysis Laboratory, Laboratory Research Biotechnology, Commodity Laboratory, Laboratory tests, Scientific Instruments Resellers, Retailers Medical equipment, Health Care Nursing Hospitals, Health, hospital, School of Professional Arts and Crafts, Higher Secondary School, Engineers and Architects, University of Agriculture, University of Biology, University of Chemistry, University of industrial Chemistry, University of Pharmacy, University of Physics, University of engineering, University of Medicine and Surgery, University of Veterinary Medicine,…

Grazie a tutti i clienti Galli, Thank you to our customers