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Guarantee Used Equipment

Galli makes available several types of Oven, Furnaces, Climatic Chambers, Thermostats, Incubators, Baths, Scales, and other laboratory instrument, able to give you the right solution when you looking for an guaranteed used equipment.

Where To Buy Your Used Safe?

If you’re looking for a used test equipment, you’re in the right place! We have used equipment that we collect from our customers and after having been inspected and reconditioned, we supply them complete with warranty.

Why buy a climatic test chamber used?

Because you can save your money, but only if you know what you’re buying. Buying a climatic test chamber used or a thermostatic chamber used is a choice to be made wisely; Galli refurbishment process guarantee your investment. We propose also revamping for your old equipment to have it updated to the latest technology

A used second hand equipment can be an opportunity?

Yes, because a used chamber or a used oven allow to satisfy new jobs without major initial investments. A thermostatic bath or a Chiller used, can solve occasional jobs which still need to be performed. A Galli used chamber or a salt spray corrosion test chamber, could be your opportunity to start new tests, or a second hand oven can instantly increase your production capacity

How to Sell a used oven, furnace or Climatic test chamber used?

If you have an old climatic chamber that is no longer used and takes up space, if you have an oven, a furnace or an incubator and you have not space to store, if you bought a new device and the old no longer serves you,…

Contact us! We will be pleased to evaluate your used test equipment.