Thermal Shock Model ATSS-30

Galli-Thermotron-Camera Climatica-climatic Chamber-ATSS-30

New standards

  • Minimum Footprint > Better Use of Space
  • Multipurpose room > Heating and cooling in both rooms
  • Set-Point margins > pre-cooling and pre-heating
  • High Performance > According to IEC, MIL-STD, JEDEC, IPC, etc.
  • Control System > 12”Color Touch Screen Programmer
  • Efficient ventilation > Maximum uniformity

Dimensions Basket 300x350x300 mm LxPxH

  • Hot Zone +25°C to +215°C
  • Cold Zone -73°C to +180°C

Choice between two refrigeration systems

  • Dual stage with two 2 hp cascade compressors
  • Dual stage with two 4 hp scroll compressors in cascade

External Dimensions 870x1780x2040 mm LxHxP

  • Ideal for going through most doors


Thermal Shock Model ATSS-30

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