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Forno-Oven-GalliGalli High Temperature Muffle Furnaces, are tools built with the best components available on the market able to reach extreme temperatures in safety and guaranteeing durability. Galli offers a wide range of Muffle Furnaces with a temperature range up to + 1800 ° C, with models with inert atmosphere also.

Type of insulation used in Muffle Furnaces

The Galli Muffle Furnace uses latest generation thermal insulation that guarantee maximum insulation and minimum heat loss, which means savings energy and therefore money. Refractory, Ceramic, Nanomaterial, Reflective systems are some of the materials that alone or in combination stop and contain the heat inside the furnace chamber.

What are the applications of Muffle Furnaces?

The applications of a Galli Muffle Furnace are many: laboratory tests, hardening, heat treatment, annealing, tempering, brazing, forging, nitriding, sintering, thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), incineration, cupellation, precious metal assays, ceramic, thermocouple calibration , …

What are the shapes of these Equipments?

Muffle furnaces are different. Mainly they can have a square or cylindrical shape. The most common furnaces have a parallelepiped-shaped chamber, but often there are furnaces with arched roofs. The cylindrical ones can be horizontal or vertical and can be used for fluxing or with crucibles. There are also tubular tilting, opening and rotary muffle furnaces.

Do Galli furnaces have option accessories?

Yes, you can have internal quartz muffles, refractory Steel, Incoloy and Inconel Steels. Sealed mittens can be provided for inert gas supply. Boxes, crucibles, pliers, steel foils, suction hoods and fume reduction are options that are offered according to customer needs. Specific controllers with profiles and recording s are also available such as Protection Tools like gloves, goggles, gowns and high temperature resistant shoes.

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