MF400 High TEMPERATURE muffle furnaces

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MF400 High TEMPERATURE muffle furnaces

MF100 muffle ovens for HIGH TEMPERATURE + 1400°C Original Galli

The muffle furnaces Model MF100 Original Galli, are ideal furnaces for your laboratory applications and for heating at precise temperatures in the chemical, metallurgical and ceramic industry and Research.


  • Sturdy external structure in powder coated steel.
  • Efficient thermal insulation for fast heating and low energy consumption.
  • Heating muffle made of aluminous refractory material and cordielitic to compensate for thermal changes.
  • Special alloy resistors for very high temperature
  • Low surface load for long life.
  • Door with special opening and pressure wedge.
  • Microswitch excludes the power supply at the door opening to perform loading and unloading of the muffle in maximum safety.
  • Protected thermocouple temperature probe with ceramic sheath.
  • Rear exhaust chimney of the natural draught fumes.
  • Electrical panel placed in the lower part of the oven in a protected position.
  • Microprocessor Controller with Double Digital Display
  • It’s an over-temperature device.
  • General Switch
  • Magnetothermic of protection.
  • Signal Lamp
  • Made in Italy


Standard Equipment
  • N° 01 Power cable
  • N° 01 EC Conformity Certificate
  • N° 01 Instruction manual
  • N° 01 Guarantee Certificate


  • Programmer of thermal profiles
  • Glogger software for temperature display and recording
  • Smooke Suction hood

Brochure-Galli-Forno a Muffola

MF400X0401 150 X 250 X 100 lxpxh mm 4,0 L + 1400°C
MF400X0601 180 X 300 X 120 lxpxh mm 6,5 L + 1400°C

So if you are looking for muffle ovens for High Temperature please contact us !