MF100 Muffle Furnaces High Temperature +1100°C

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6 December 2019
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MF100 Muffle Furnaces High Temperature +1100°C

Forno a Muffola da Laboratorio, Laboratory Muffle Furnaces MF100, Galli, Made in Italy, +1100°C, +1200°C

MF100 Muffle Furnaces High Temperature 1100°C Original Galli

The muffle furnaces Model MF100 Original Galli, are ideal for your laboratory applications and for heating at precise temperatures in the chemical, metallurgical and ceramic industry.


  • Sturdy external structure in powder coated steel.
  • Efficient thermal insulation for fast heating and low energy consumption.
  • Heating muffle made of aluminous refractory material and cordielitic to compensate for thermal changes.
  • Special alloy shielded resistors KANTHAL A1
  • Low surface load for long life. Door with special opening and pressure wedge.
  • Microswitch excludes the power supply at the door opening to perform loading and unloading of the muffle in maximum safety .
  • Protected thermocouple temperature probe with ceramic sheath.
  • Rear exhaust chimney of the natural draught fumes.
  • Electrical panel placed in the lower part of the oven in a protected position.
  • Microprocessor controller with Double Digital Display.Overtemperature device.
  • General Switch.
  • Magnetothermic of protection.
  • Signal Lamp.
  • Made in Italy

Dotazioni di serie
• N° 01 Power Cable
• N° 01 Certificate of Conformity CE
• N° 01 User Manual
• N° 01 Guarantee Certificate
Optional Accessories
• Programmer of thermal profiles
• Glogger software for temperature display and recording
Suction Hood for Fumes

Brochure-Galli-Muffle Furnaces
MF100X05DS 145 X 250 X 100 lxpxh mm 04 L + 1100°C
MF100X06DS 210 X 280 X 145 lxpxh mm 08 L + 1100°C

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