GTest Light Climatic Chamber with Lights

Galli-Camera Climatica-Climatic Chamber-Gtest Light

The GTEST LIGH model is a thermo-climatic Cell complete with Lights, it is the ideal tool for all applications where an accurate control of the Temperaturerelative Humidity and Lights is required, photoperiod, of the irradiation.

A Fitological model with different solutions for your test and test needs; Galli offers the GTEST Light model in 6 versions:

  • Germination = Thermo-climatic cells Mod.GTEST-CFC
  • Plant tissue culture = Thermo-climatic cells Mod.GTEST-CFT
  • Arabidopsis and algae = Thermo-climatic cells Mod.GTEST-CFA
  • Plant Growth Cells thermo-climatic Mod.GTEST-CFP
  • Insects growth = Thermo-climatic cells Mod.GTEST-CEI


  • AG-System Talent: Accurate and sensitive control with colour touch screen, USB, Ethernet;
  • Temperature range +0.0°C to +60.0°C (with lights off) +5.0°C to +45.0°C (with lights on);
  • Indoor lighting for circadian cycle;
  • Controllo umidità relativa dal 20% al 96% (option);
  • Temperature Extension – 30°C (option);
  • Exterior AISI 304 stainless steel;
  • Magnetic seals;
  • Key Lock;
  • Special Air Distribution System;
  • Forced ventilation for better uniformity;
  • Refrigeration through hermetic refrigeration unit;
  • Low noise air condensation;
  • Ecological gases free of CFCs;
  • Heating by means of armoured resistors Inox;
  • Automatic humidification and dehumidification system;
  • Choice of sterile or ultrasonic steam;
  • Made in Italy

Versions AGS Control TALENT:

  • Touch Screen 7″ Wide Screen Color Graphic;
  • PID regulation of temperature;
  • PID regulation of relative humidity;
  • Online Registration Graphics °C and UR%;
  • USB for graphic data download and alarms;
  • ETHERNET for PC or LAN connection;
  • Safety Regulator, Fuses, Pressure Switches, Spies;
  • Ideal for simple and complex climate cycles.

Standard equipment for GTEST:

  • N°01 Through hole, with cap, for probe introduction;
  • N°01 tank and pipes for loading and unloading water;
  • N°02 Door opening and closing wrenches;
  • N°01 Power cable;
  • N°01 Instruction manual;
  • N°01 EC certificate of conformity;
  • N°01  Guarantee Certificate.

Standard equipment for each compartment:

  • N°03 Removable and height adjustable anti-overturning shelves.


GTest Light Climatic Chamber with Lights

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