GTEST Climatic Chamber, Thermostatic Incubator

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GTEST Climatic Chamber, Thermostatic Incubator

GTEST Climatic Chambers, Thermostatic Incubators, Original Galli

GTEST models offer different solutions for your testing requirements working with control of temperature and relative humidity. Galli offers GTEST model in 3 versions:
Incubators of great capacity for testing temperature from Amb.Temp. + 5.0°C to + 60.0°C
Ideal for temperature-controlled trials, incubation, maturation, aging, …
Thermostatic Chambers with refrigeration, ideal for testing of temperature  from+ 0.0°C to + 60.0°C
When you want to work around or below ambient temperature, here the solution.
Climate Chambers with Temperature and Moisture Control from 20rh% to 96rh%
Ideal for stability test, technological test, shelf life tests, bacterial and cell cultures, …


• AG-System: Microprocessor Control PID Digital, accurate and sensitive. Model GTEST Original Galli
• Instrument ideal for all applications where precise control of temperature and humidity is required
• External steel AISI 304 Scotch Brite finishing
• Adjustable feet for leveling the instrument
• Ecological  Thermal Insulation
• Stainless steel AISI 304 internal corrosion with rounded corners
• Inner capacity with 1, 2 or 3 vanes
• Independent doors AISI 304
• Magnetic seals
• Lock and key
• Special System of Distribution Air
• Forced ventilation for better uniformity
• Cooling by refrigerating unit hermetic type
• Air-cooled, low-noise
• Environmentally friendly CFC-free gas
• Heating by armored elements stainless
• Automatic system of humidification and dehumidification
• Choice of sterile steam or ultrasonic
• Made in Italy

galli-made-in-italy-design-originale-galli, Original Galli

galli-made-in-italy-design-originale-galli, Original Galli

Versions AGS Control DAILY:
• Controller Microprocessor PID Digital Dual Display for Temperature Control
• Controller Microprocessor PID control Digital Dual Display for RH%
• Safety Regulator, fuses, pressure switches, lights
• Ideal for continuous operation ° C and RH% fixed

Versions AGS Control TALENT:
• Touch Screen 7 “Wide Screen graph COLORS
• PID control of temperature
• PID control of humidity
• Registration on Line Graphics ° C and RH%
• USB for chart data and alarms daìownload
• Ethernet for connection to PC or LAN
• Safety Regulator, fuses, pressure switches, lights
• Ideal for simple and complex climate thermal cycles

Standard equipment for GTEST:
• N° 01 ° Through Hole, with cap, for introducing probes
• N° 01 tank and pipes for loading and unloading water
• N° 02 keys for opening and closing doors
• N° 01 Power cable
• N° 01 Instruction Manual
• N° 01 Certificate of Conformity
• N° 01 Certificate of Guarantee

Standard equipment for each compartment:
• N° 03 shelves, removable and adjustable in height

Brochure-Galli-Climatic Chamber-GTEST

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