Goven ASTM12 Precision Thermostatic Oven

Galli-Stufa-Oven-Goven ASTM12

Goven ASTM12 Thermostatic Ovens by Galli, suitable for your applications: precise thermostating, heating, drying, polimerization, expansion, cooking, stabilization, tempering, fixing, bonding, heat treatment, accelerated aging, sterilizing, burn-in, inert atmosphere treatments.


• AG-System Control PRO: PID Digital Microprocessor, careful and sensitive
• Range Temperature: from Temp. Amb. +10,0°C to +350°C
• New Design: reliable, safe, accurate with compact body
• According to ASTM 5374 & ASTM 5423 Standards
• Adjustable Air Inlet in continuos from 0 to 100%
• Air replacement from 100 to 200/hour
• Horizontal Forced Air System: High Thermal uniformity in all of the points of the chamber
• Size: 120 Liters
• Made in Italy


• External structure, powder coated, solvent free RAL 7035
• Inner chamber, in Stainless Steel AISI 304, TIG welded
• High quality thermal insulation
• Insulated door with closure and adjustable hinges
• Armored heaters, finned in Stainless Steel
• Adjustable vents for Air exchange
• Inner air inlet variable from min to max
• Exhaust air device complete with reference points
• Air exchange from 100 to 200 / hour
• Stability, Uniformity and Recovery, according to ASTM request
• N°02 Shelves, removable and adjustable height, non tip
• N°01 Through Hole with plug

Standard Equipments

• Calibration factory certificate, 9 Points of Stability, Uniformity and Recovery, according to ASTM
• N°02 Rods to support parts under test, removable
• AG-System TALENT, Touch Screen control with recording program and the graphic trend
• Ethernet Web Software for the remote control of the oven
• Other options on demand



Goven ASTM12 Precision Thermostatic Oven

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