GLadyBug Small Laboratory Incubator

Galli-Micro Incubatore-Micro Incubator-GLadyBug-GLADYBUGXON30

New line of compact GLadyBug Laboratory Incubators, Galli’s Original Equipments, ideal Microbiology, Bacteriology medical research, food analysis, water analysis, quality control, HCCP, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology.


• New Design for a professional small Laboratory Incubator.
• Compact dimensions, stackable units.
• AG-System Control SMART: PID Digital Microprocessor, careful and sensitive.
• Range Temperature: from +5,0°C above ambient up to +80,0°C
• Timer 99h 59m integrated
• Safety Device, Class 3.1
• Stainless steel chamber, preheating air, efficient insulation, energy saving
• Dynamic and homogeneous Natural Air Circulation System
• Made in Italy


• Compact size and stackable models
• Outer structure in steel, powder painted RAL 7035
• Low external temperatures, minimum energy consumption
• lnner casing in stainless steel AISI 304 with rounded corners, easy to clean
• lnsulated door with silicone gasket
• Locking lever with adjustable hinges
• Stainless steel shelf with tipping guides


• Microprocessor Control PID Digital with Autotuning
• Resolution -/+ 1°C
• Double display to show set point temperature and actual inner temperature
• Platinum probe PT100, Class A
• Solid State Relay “Zero Crossing” low noice
• Autotuning function parameters
• Safety Device selectable and independent Class 3.1
• 2 points Calibrable + Offset function
• Timer 99h 59m

Standard Equipments

• N° 02 Shelves, removable and adjustable height
• N° 01 Supply cable
• N° 01 CE Conformity Certificate
• N° 01 Instruction Manual
• N° 01 Warranty Certificate



GLadyBug Small Laboratory Incubator

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