GHUMY-U Climatic Chamber , Thermostatic Benchtop

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5 December 2019
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GHUMY-U Climatic Chamber , Thermostatic Benchtop

U Series Climatica Chamber

Temperature amb. + 5,0°C to +90,0°C
Sterilisation cycle at +180°C
Relative humidity from 20% to 95%
Limits according to temperature and ambient humidity values


  • Compact table top model
  • Interior room in stainless steel AISI 304 with rounded corners
  • Efficient thermal insulation
  • Silicone Rubber Seals
  • Insulated Door
  • Microswitch door opening
  • Special fan motor
  • Air diffusion bulkheads
  • Automatic Heating
  • Low surface load resistors
  • Half Steam Humidification
  • Automatic dehumidification with sterile filter
  • Made in Italy


Version AGS Control DAILY:
  • Touch Screen 7″ Wide Screen Color Graphic
  • PID regulation of temperature
  • PID relative humidity adjustment
  • Online Registration Graphics °C and UR%
  • USB for graphic data download and alarms
  • ETHERNET for PC or LAN connection
  • Safety Regulator, Fuses, Pressure Switches, Spies
  • Ideal for simple and complex climate cycles
Standard Equipment for GHUMY:
  • N°01 Through hole, with cap, for probe introduction
  • N°01 tank and pipes for loading and unloading water
  • N°01 Power cable
  • N°01 Instruction manual
  • N°01 EC certificate of conformity
  • N°01 Guarantee Certificate
Standard Equipment for each compartment:
  • N°02 Removable and height adjustable anti-overturning shelves


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