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Galli flocculators

a complete line for the study of the separation of pollutants in waste water and disposal studies in the environmental sector.


The flocculators, also known as Jar Tester, are used to test and regulate the amount of chemicals and the sequence by which they will be added for the clarification of waste or surface water and to optimize coagulation and flocculation. The agitation and lighting allow you to better monitor the phenomenon and analyse what would happen in a real system.

Leaching Test

The flocculators or Jar Test Galli are also used for tests and Test of transfer, called Leaching Test, which are simulated laboratory tests where the effects that contaminants may have in contact with a product are studied, that is the release of contaminants.
For example, contaminated wastes or soils may be tested which in contact with a defined time in an aqueous solution, kept in agitation in a beaker, produces a liquid known as eluate.

Periodicity of flocculation tests

How often do I have to take a flocculation test or Jar Test?

It is not possible to give a precise indication in this regard, as the more often is the frequency with which it is carried out and the better will be the optimization of the system. In addition to performing it as needed, a daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal Jar Test could be the exact one.

Need for flocculation test

Why do I need a flocculation test or Jar Test?

Because it allows me to respect the environment and save money.
A Jar Test in the laboratory, performed on low volumes, allows me to understand the quantities and the products that will be needed in the system in large scale.
The optimization and efficiency of the water clarification plant waste or surface, allows to dose chemicals such as coagulants, avoiding overdose and therefore waste.