Electrodynamic Agitators

Galli-Thermotron-Electrodynamic Shakers-01

Thermotron’s Electrodynamic Shaker Test System provides a test platform for transport simulation, mechanical shock, mission profile, environmental stress screening (ESS) and more.

With dynamic and improved performance in terms of displacement, speed, acceleration and force, the electrodynamic agitators accurately simulate a wide range of conditions that can help improve the product and test quality and reliability.

A Thermotron electrodynamic stirrer has a variety of applications, making it a versatile and highly adaptable appliance. A Thermotron Vibration Shaker can perform tests in vertical or horizontal orientation; use a fastener, slide or head expander; and interface with an AGREE Thermotron environmental test chamber.

With many different models and configurations to choose from, Thermotron electrodynamic stirrers are a reliable and essential addition to your laboratory.



Electrodynamic Agitators