Kesternich SO2

11 September 2020
Galli-GDemi-Serie5200-Demineralizzatore-Nebbia Salina-Cella Climatica

GDEMI 5200 Series

Interchangeable Resin Demineralization System GDEMI 5200 series demineralization systems are immediately ready for use.Complete with stainless steel frame, inlet and outlet filters,Digital conductivity meter and quick […]
11 September 2020
Galli-GDemi-Serie5000-Demineralizzatore-Nebbia Salina-Cella Climatica

GDEMI 5000 Series

Interchangeable Resin Demineralization System GDEMI 5000 series demineralization systems, with digital conductivity meter. Fields of application • Accumulators, batteries;• Aquariums;• Autoclaves;• Salt Mists;• Climatic chambers;• Research […]
19 December 2019

GhygrocellSO2 Test Chamber Kesternich SO2

Corrosion tests by cyclic exposure to an acidic environment and saturated with moisture Standard Features With Constant and High Temperature and Climate With addition of SO2 […]