Micro Incubators

26 October 2020
Galli-Micro Stufa-Micro Oven-GMicro

GMicro Micro Laboratory Incubator

Galli Original Product – MADE IN ITALY –AdvancedGalliSystem SMART control systemElegant external structure painted without solventMicroprocessor with double DIGITAL DisplayEfficient eco-friendly insulationSimultaneous display of Set Point […]
28 November 2019

M91 Micro Incubator

M91 Micro Incubator Original Galli The M91 Micro Incubator, is the ideal tool for the biological laboratory, bacteriology, serology, biological micro cultures, diagnostic and food testing, […]
13 July 2017

GBLOCK Thermostatic Dry Block Heater

The multi-purpose Dry Block Heaters GBLOCK by Galli are suitable for incubation and activation of cultures, enzyme reactions, immunoassays, melting/boiling points, and a wide variety of other laboratory […]
12 July 2017

Biolog Laboratory Cooled Incubator

Cooled Laboratory Incubators Model Biolog, Galli’s Original Equipments, suitable for applications of microbiology, bacteriology, growth microorganisms, drosophila, daphnia, insects, algae, zebra-fish, water analysis, BOD, temperature control, fermentation […]
11 July 2017
Galli-Micro Incubatore-Micro Incubator-GLadyBug-GLADYBUGXON30

GLadyBug Small Laboratory Incubator

New line of compact GLadyBug Laboratory Incubators, Galli’s Original Equipments, ideal Microbiology, Bacteriology medical research, food analysis, water analysis, quality control, HCCP, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology. […]
23 October 2016
Galli-MicroStufa-Micro Oven-GMicro

M91 Micro Incubator

The Micro Incubator Model M91, is the ideal tool for the biological laboratory, bacteriology, serology, biological micro cultures, diagnostic and food testing, medical research, water analysis, quality control, […]