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10 November 2020
Galli-Devea-Phileas 250-Sanificazione-Disinfezione-Perossido Idrogeno-Logo

Phileas 250

Phileas 250 Devea for Sanitization with Hydrogen Peroxide This disinfection method is part of a complete hygienic process (cleaning, disinfection of specific surfaces and disinfection by […]
10 November 2020
GFOGGY Nebulizzatore-sanificazione-disinfezione-Virkon-Virucida Galli Nebbia Secca Automatico Ugello_edited

GFoggy 20, GFoggy 50

GFoggy Sanitization with Virkon Disinfectant GFoggy is a Virkon Disinfectant Nebulizer. Virkon is a high-level disinfectant, particularly suitable whenever there is a need to sanitize and […]
23 October 2016

M91 Micro Incubator

M91 Micro Incubator Original Galli The Micro Incubator Model M91, is the ideal tool for the biological laboratory, bacteriology, serology, biological micro cultures, diagnostic and food […]
30 September 2016

GTEST Climatic Chamber, Thermostatic Incubator

GTEST Climatic Chambers, Thermostatic Incubators, Original Galli GTEST models offer different solutions for your testing requirements working with control of temperature and relative humidity. Galli offers […]